A wide range of sign mounts: including a ball and cup system (AKA Pushmount Female / Male), and a nice range of resin, aluminium, brass fittings for all your signage needs.


This system allows you to mount various panel thicknesses while also giving a prestige look and feel.

Our range of Mounts come in a wide variety of finishes such as clear, satin chrome aluminium, gold, black.

  • Panel Mounting Systems are used in retail and commercial environments, churches, schools, healthcare and government departments
  • Options for exterior use available
  • Panels from 4mm to 20mm in thickness
  • Weights from 36 kgs to 84kgs
  • Mono Mounts — designed for single panel installations
  • Edge Mounts — designed for displaying valuable graphics
  • Multi Mounts — designed for changeable graphic displays
  • Extra Spacers — for multi-layering and off setting additional panels, designed for use with Mono and Multi Mounts

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Also know as “Ball and Cup” or ” Pushmounts Male and Female”, SIGN MOUNTS are easy to use, versatile and cost effective.

Unlike other units in the market this version allows a mechanical fixing or glue to install the cup.

The simple fitment in the cup connects the two substrates together tightly and the nipple has a wide base ensuring good surface area coverage.

They come in clear (male and female) or black (female).

(Sizes: Male 16mm diameter / 10mm high and Female 10mm diameter / 12mm high).


 Pushmounts Ball and Cup