Flags can be printed with your messages and graphics,  these can be single sided or double sided prints. There are large variety of options to choose from so there is a model to suit everyones requirement.


All flags are digitally printed with your ready to go artwork or we can also design artwork if required, Flags are supplied with a standard cross foot base and carry bag and extra accessories such as grass spikes, water fillable bases, wall peg mounts, flat bases & under car wheel bases.

Sizes range from Small / Medium / Large and Giant, please enquire for further detailed information or see PDF on our Point of Sale Displays section. Pages 13 – 20

flagB.1With 6 different templates to choose from the street flag is the most easiest way to attract road side attention to your business. These flags range from $400 for a small to $580 + GST for a large – includes printing single sided only, double sided print is extra.

Supplied with standard cross brace or spike, other bases avaliable are extra.


Small: 922mm wide x 1748mm high

Medium: 1022mm wide  x 2626mm high

Large: 1000mm x wide x 3365mm high

Giant Flags

Giant Flags

With 6 unique templates to choose from Giant flags offer a unique style and design,  fully dye sublimated single side Polysport material. High quality hardward maded  from tubular aluminium. Standing 4300mm hign by 1200mm wide, single sided print  included.

Ranging from $535 + GST and a flat base at $120 + GST

Under Car Bracket

Flat Base

Grass Spike