Menu Board, Lettering and Numeral System

The Interchangeable Lettering Board and Changeable Letters and Numerals system incorporates a special black grooved rubber backing panel and a wide range of letters and numerals, and also a wide range of custom-made frames and finishes.

Used in:

  • hotel lobbies to welcome guests,
  • as cafes, food trucks and restaurants’ menus,
  • taxi welcome boards,
  • company reception areas,
  • wedding and events welcome message
  • and in many other commercial applications!

This is a very charming, dynamic and effective way to communicate with your customers, guests and employees.

It is very simple and easy to use and allows you to change the message, menu or prices every time you like!

Boards are made with the special grooved rubber backing panel.

They can be customized with a wide range of finishes and colours, with or without glass frames, to better suit your need. 

The easy changeable letters and numerals sets range from 10 mm to 50 mm in height and are available in gold, brushed silver and white colour.

To have more details about the Interchangeable lettering and numerals, click here.

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Interchangeable Lettering Board: perfect for restaurants, cafes, hotels and all kinds of business!










Country Club Britomart - No trim around edges - on ACM backing board