Moving messages are a great way to communicate to your audience, whether you are in a hospitality, retail or commercial environment we cater a wide variety of needs for all your messaging needs, from paging unit through to scrolling message boards we are confident on being able to deliver the right solution.


Display Features

● Be able to control 8 to 64 pixels high (one line to 8 lines). 48 to 320 pixels wide.

● Single color, tri-color (R/G/Y) and 7-color (R/G/B/Y/P/C/W) available.

● Can be used for indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor environments.

● Display English or European characters as well as graphic symbols.

● Be able to communicate by PC and IR remoter.

● Zoom in / out for editing areas and preview capability.

● Above 80 moving-in & moving-out effects of displaying messages (Cyclic, Scroll up, Scroll down, Open to Centre, Open from Right,    Open from Left, etc).

● 15 Fonts, each with regular, bold and wide mode, smallest of only 5 pixels high and biggest of 64 pixels high. User can add or modify    the fonts. 67 pieces of other European characters.

● Built-in timer to power on/off during the day.

● 8 programmable message moving speeds.

● Multi-area capability to allow separate editing and separate moving of areas within the display.

● Sequencing multiple messages. Flexible built-in schedule setting for up to 30 tasks. 3 priority setting enables scheduling by week, month    or year.

● Support Real Temperature and Humidity display.

● Default USB port for PC connection, serial comport, TCP/IP network control, RF wireless adapter, GSM wireless module, etc.